"Fingerprints" Press Release

Opus One Studios Releases New Whitney Parnell Single

Tribute Single and Music Video “Fingerprints” Centers the Trauma of Charlottesville Historic Events On August 12, 2017

Washington, DC— 8/13/18 9:00 am EDST Millennial artist and social justice activist, Whitney Parnell, amplifies more truth about racism with her second single and music video, “Fingerprints.” Composed and performed by Parnell, the song’s rhythmic hook and pronounced description of suffering allows relatability for anyone who has experienced trauma. However, it is the music video, focused on Charlottesville, VA, which takes viewers through key sites of the historic weekend of August 12, 2017, where the systemic underlying of white supremacy was catapulted to the forefront of headlines. The single is a preview to her upcoming social justice album, “What Will You Do,” produced by her musical partner, Joshua Davies.

“Charlottesville changed my life, and I’m forever scarred by the intense hatred and vitriol that I saw last year. That’s why the notion of Fingerprints resonated so much for me, symbolically. You can’t erase scars,” says Parnell. “Many people have their own memories of horrible things that happened and impacted them so profoundly, and I’m hoping that will allow empathy and perspective towards just how profound Charlottesville was. It shouldn’t end with empathy, though. Empathy is meant to ignite a call to action that motivates people to show up, in order to prevent experiences of trauma moving forward. We need people to be allies who are willing to actively work towards a socially justworld, where we can all be embraced and thrive. It can only happen if there are more of us working towards that over those perpetuating harm and hatred.”

That’s why Whitney was intent on making this a tribute for Charlottesville. After connecting deeply with local organizers and activists, she felt inclined to donate the song to the city, as an act of solidarity. All proceeds from the single will go to the Charlottesville Community Resilience Fund, an independent community resource fund that was created by a multi-racial coalition, and distributes funds to meet the needs of people who face undue hardships imposed upon them due to structural oppression.

 “The story of anti-fascist organizing in Charlottesville this past year is part of a long legacy of anti-racist resistance in Charlottesville and throughout the South,”says Zyahna Bryant, a local activist.  “If you are outraged by seeing fascists marching in the streets, then join us in outrage at the racist violence happening every day in our schools, in our jails, and in our city planning. Join us in moving that outrage into urgent action, right now. Be intentional about lifting up women of color in this fight for racial justice.”

Recognized as a rising Black millennial activist leading the charge for an Allyship movement, Parnell is also the founder and CEO of the DC-based non-profit Service Never Sleeps(SNS).The organization envisions a world where equal rights, justice, and opportunity are available to everyone. Its mission is to empower individuals and communities to catalyze social justice through service and Allyship

“Fingerprints,” released by Opus One Studios, is currently available through the Opus One site (www.opusonestudios.com). Other digital distribution channels including iTunes and Spotifywill follow shortly. The social justice album “What Will You Do” is planned for release this Fall.


About the Artist: Whitney Parnell grew up between Latin America and West Africa as a Foreign Service child. At Washington University in St. Louis, she double majored in English and Spanish and minored in Communications and Journalism, during which she also embraced her calling for social justice activism. Whitney’s passion for service and social justice brought her to Washington to serve with City Year, and then work in homeless services. Parnell founded Service Never Sleeps to create a movement of service and Allyship by igniting social change through mass civic engagement, bridge-building, and empathy.

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