Ranger Reviews


“I absolutely loved this story! It’s one of those perfect Christmas stories you can read over and over again with your family and still love it just as much as if you read it for the first time.”

- TOP PICK, Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews


“A riveting and warmly inspiring tale. Salisbury’s writing style is quaintly elegant, and the story – perfect for 4-9 year olds – is a fable-like tale with sweeping drama and an exhilarating and poignant conclusion.”

- The Celebrity Café


“Between the way the story is told and the whimsical illustrations by Roberta Baird, this book is a must have for children during the holidays.”   

- Haute Mama


“I was excited to read [my kids a story] they hadn’t heard before, and excited because it had chapters, so I thought we could stretch it out over a couple of nights. Well, that idea didn’t work because after two chapters, and telling them that it was time to be done for the night, they begged me to read ‘just one more.’ Well, one turned into two more, etc, etc.; they made me read the whole thing and they loved it. Then, my favorite part, we got the book on CD, which also has Ranger’s song on it, and now a week later, we’ve listened to the story in the car about 5 times, and I keep getting requests to turn it on again and again.”

- iCandy handmade


“So add another fantastic book to your Christmas collection! This will be one you’ll enjoy for years to come… filled with wonderful pictures about Ranger’s life at the North Pole. It came with a CD that contained a song called Dream and Believe (Ranger’s Song), that was quite catchy.”

Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time 


 “As a Pre-School Music and Early Childhood Education Expert, I am always on the lookout for wholesome, quality books and music that teach positive values to children. I have found one! I highly recommend ‘The Legend of Ranger, The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly.” 

- Fern Michonski, Ferns’s Music


 “This book is an amazing and heartwarming story. I loved [it] because I could use it as a learning tool for my kids about important life lessons. [It’s] the perfect book for the child who is just beginning to read chapter books. I read it to my 4 year old, and it gave her lots of anticipation for what would happen in the next chapter.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and perfect to hold a child’s attention.

- Hanna Romer, Domesticated Combat Boots [Top 50 Military Mom Blogs]


 “I loved Ranger, he is sweet and cute, worked hard and never gave up. Great for kids who are starting to read chapter books, and also perfect to be read as a bed time story for Christmas.”

- Oh My Books!      


“If your family is looking to add an amazing Christmas book to add to your collection, I highly recommend [The Legend of Ranger]. Not only are you getting your child a very memorable Christmas book, but you are helping out other children in need, and nothing says Christmas spirit more than that.”

- Erin’s Diary


“Here’s a nice, literary way to do something good during the holiday season. It’s a lovely story, charmingly illustrated, with proceeds going to a worthy cause.”

- Joyce Grant, Getting Kids Reading



“Accompanying the book is a jewel of a folk-pop tune called Dream and Believe which outlines the Ranger story without revealing the gripping ending.”

- The Celebrity Café


 “[Ranger’s Song, Dream and Believe,] is perfectly fitting for children of all ages. In fact, even parents will be singing along to this one. I give it five North Stars out of five!”

- Matthew Forss, Inside World Music 


[Dream and Believe is] a classic-style story song that’s solidly written. Mary Allen is a very capable vocalist who brings the song to life with a light and easy air... sends a positive message to children of all ages.”

Wildy’s World