"Good Goodbyes: A Mortal's Guide to Life"

"Good Goodbyes: A Mortal's Guide to Life"

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🦋 Good Goodbyes: A Mortal's Guide to Life is a resource guide for The End, providing a holistic approach for a universal problem. It’s a wake-up call, an organizing system, and inspiration for getting your affairs in order. We can’t change our ultimate outcome, but it’s possible for dying to be more of a transformative passage rather than a medical crisis. Most people don’t intend to leave a mess behind, but failing to anticipate and plan results in a chaotic conclusion.

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Customer Reviews

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jane collen
Good Goodbyes: A Mortal's Guide to Life

An excellent handling of a difficult topic. A 'how to prepare' guidebook I am using as a workbook. Funny and engaging. Great job

good goodbyes

I paid for 3 copies and only received one. The company has not replied to my emails or phone call. Good book, terrible publish/support.

Doris A Turner
Preparation is key

As Joan wrote, everyone dies eventually, we just don't know when it will happen. Being prepared and letting others know your wishes in advance can avoid many heart-aches & mis-steps for everyone after you pass. This book, well-thought and a step-by-step guide, is a vital resource for all living humans. Get it & use it.