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This album is about experiences that no one should have. This album is about oppression. This album is about injustice. I wrote these songs over the course of several years, putting language, voice, and music to processing my own experiences, and amplifying the generous proximity that others allowed me to center. The pieces were brought to life by my brilliant friend and producer, Joshua Davies.  The song topics are direct, nuanced, and multi-faceted all at once. The charge is not to guilt or shame listeners, nor to send them into a hole of hopelessness. Rather, my hope is that this music will ignite empathy and compassion, and prompt listeners to reflect on a self-directed question: “What will you do?” From there, we act.

Adult Advisory: Sensitive Content Included.


1. Introduction

2. My Life

3. The Talk

4. Safety

5. Asleep

6. Believe Me

7. Fingerprints

8. Didn't Have to Do It

9. What Will You Do?

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